How To Support Someone Who Is Depressed

There are a ton of articles around the World Wide Web regarding depression and mental health illnesses which is great but for the most part when it comes to support from friends and family it can be pretty generic. With my lengthy mental health history I am at a unique vantage point, hey a positive checkpoint to dealing with depression, and I actually know what does work. As with any mental health or depression article those with sensitive triggers be warned. Already lets look at how to support someone who is dealing with Major Depression Disorder.

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1. Say You Will Be There And Actually Be There – It is funny how many times in my life I have heard from friends and family who promised to be there yet at the end of the day I was alone. I get why people say this but the reality is when it comes to mental health illnesses they just do not go away overnight. Do not make a promise you can not keep. I do not need someone who is going to be there seven days per week twenty-four hours a day but someone I know will answer the phone when I call.

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2. Do Not Talk To Me Like I Am Going To Break – For some reason when a person is talking to someone who is dealing with a mental health problem such as depression they try to be really sensitive, too sensitive. Talk to me like you would anyone else. Trust me there is nothing that you can say, unless you are a complete ass, that would compare to the garbage that runs through the head of someone who is dealing with major depressive disorder.

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3. Keep Trying – There are days when a person with depression just wants to be left alone and that is OK so do not take it to personal but keep trying. A common aspect to people dealing with depression tends to be self isolation as they do not want to bother anyone else but this also makes major depression disorder even worse. Do not badger the person to leave there home but also do not forget about them as well

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4. Old Beliefs – Thankfully as more and more people are becoming aware that depression is a truly serious mental health issue the old wives tales are disappearing. Statements such as “Snap Out Of It” or “You Just Need To Change The Way You Think” are not only not accurate they are also not helpful. Most doctors and mental health therapists believe that major depressive disorder is based off a chemical imbalance in the brain. Not my fault my brain hates me somedays. Your old beliefs are helping no one

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5. Recognize The Signs – Like Depression and Major Depressive Disorder there are differences in what constitutes normal depression behavior and worrisome depression behavior. Make sure you know all the signs of someone who may be planning to end their own life. Suicidal ideation is a reality when it comes to major depressive disorder and unfortunately way too many people think that suicide is the only way out. Beware of Suicide Warning Signs

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6. Little Things Mean A Lot – Something as simple as picking up medication or just stopping by for coffee goes a long way as it reminds the person dealing with depression that someone is thinking about them. Depression is a very lonely disorder and it is easy to get wrapped up in the war in your own head and forget that there are people out there who do care about your well-being.

Well there are just six ways that a loved one can help someone who is dealing with major depression disorder.

How To Help Someone Who Is Depressed
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How To Help Someone Who Is Depressed
How To Help Someone Who Is Dealing With Major Depression Disorder
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